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Chiang Mai is not only the biggest city in Northern Thailand, it is also a university town and a cultural hub. There are some tourists here, however most of the people we saw seemed to be locals. The city is


  Jordan and I chose to go to Chile after Argentina because the cheapest flight home was from Santiago. If we went out of of Brazil or Bolivia we would have to pay massive visa fees that Jordan and I were

One does not go up to Salta without doing the classic road trip to Jujuy and La Salina Grande. (Jujuy is pronounced who who e.) Jordan and I reserved a tour with our hostel that was once again cancelled. Salta

We hiked to the top of the mountain in town. The hike included the seven stations of the cross and an outdoor temple at the top. There was also a gondola, artisan booths and beautiful man made waterfalls.

The hip university town of Cordoba. There is always something to do, somewhere to eat or drink, or some steps to sit on and drink some mate. For us, we enjoyed the craft fairs, free art gallery and a picnic

I finally made it to the land of the Portenos! Here is a taste of each neighborhood I went to.  San Telmo Best known for tango dancing in the street, San Telmo was our favorite neighborhood. There is a wonderful indoor market


Java - who goes to Java? Jordan and I decided to go to Java one day while we were in New Zealand. We were reading a lonely planet book that listed this amazing Buddhist temple in Borobudur that we decided


Select journal entry July 14 The energy is different here than in Ubud. Here, it is more chillax. I'm sitting on the beach watching Jordan surf. This place has so many Westerners, expats and dogs. Our neighbors do a call to


Ubud's Sacred Monkey Forest No, the monkeys aren't sacred to the Balinese Hindus,but the temple grounds are. The monkeys figured out to not get bothered by the Balinese, they could live on the temple grounds in peace. The monkeys will play