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Travel Diaries


I'll admit, I was a bit ignorant and nervous going into Vietnam. Were these people going to be okay with an American among them? (Has anyone seen Apocalypse Now?) I was not prepared for the smiles and friendliness of the


Let me tell you about the most uncomfortable time I had in Thailand. Jordan and I were in Bangkok for less than 24 hours on a layover. I let Jordan plan our out of the airport excursion (which you can


October 2, 2018 - Salta Omnibus TerminalI'm sitting in the bus terminal having deep thoughts of religion. I've been here five minutes while Jordan tries to print our tickets. There is a shrine to Virgin Mary outside the window I'm


Singapore - Diary entry Aug 25, 2018 Almost out of Asia. Aaaaaasia. I'm actually a bit sad. It's cheap, really good food. For the most part, friendly people. I am tired of sticking out though. I do think I'll fit in