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Finding Christina Helene

Select journal entry July 14

The energy is different here than in Ubud. Here, it is more chillax. I’m sitting on the beach watching Jordan surf. This place has so many Westerners, expats and dogs. Our neighbors do a call to prayer at 5am every day, and shortly after the other neighbor plays music loudly and sings along. (It’s a great alarm for those getting up to surf.) He doesn’t play USA music; that’s what you hear when you’re out and local places are trying to attract that Western money (who wants to be an Indonesian millionaire?) The waves don’t stop. All day. Ever.

I feel like I’m constantly making mistakes with a dog beach. No, a picnic or eating on the beach bean bags is not a good idea. Dogs will eat your food or run through your plate. Don’t sit by the log on the beach. Every dog that goes by will pee on it and then kick sand in your face.

Last night we went to Pretty Poison. It was a bar with a skate bowl in it and a few Euro kids trying it out. Then we went to Dim Sum all you can eat, which was amazing.

While in Canggu
Go to the beach! Berawa Beach was our favorite. It was the most chill and least crowded.
Rent a surfboard for 50k IDR for “a couple hours”
Echo beach is the advanced surf beach.
Berawa is the intermidiate surf beach.
Batu Babolong is the beginners surf beach.
Rent a scooter and go to Tanah Lot
Rent a scooter – it’s not safe to walk on the street and there are no foot paths. Once you get to the beach you can literally walk for miles at low tide.
Find local food carts at Pintang Beach or play volley ball at the one court there with the locals!
Hit up Pretty Poisen, the bar with a skate bowl in the back!

It can get pricey to eat in Canggu with all these cute Western appealing shops. We mostly stuck to food carts or the far end of Berawa Beach, where the food was still under 30k.
Just explore! I could tell you where we went, but try something for yourself! There’s a lot of options here.


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