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Finding Christina Helene

Java – who goes to Java? Jordan and I decided to go to Java one day while we were in New Zealand. We were reading a lonely planet book that listed this amazing Buddhist temple in Borobudur that we decided was worth going for. We were going to be in Bali anyway, and Java is right next door. Little did we know how different each Indonesian island is, how wonderful Java would be, and how lasting the effects of our visit would be.

Borobudur temple is old. Really old. It was originally built in the 8th century AD, back when Buddhism and Hinduism were the main religions in Indonesia. Around the 15th century, trade brought the Muslim religion into the mainstream in Indonesia. This is when the Hindus fled to Bali. Once one of the greatest Buddhist monuments in the world, the temple at Borobudur now stands as a UNESCO heritage site that is mostly visited by Javanese and Chinese tourists. When we were there we even saw Buddhist monk tourists.

The temple at Borobudur was built in a cosmic representation of the universe. Each level, Buddha statue and stupa have great significance to the universe.






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