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Finding Christina Helene

One does not go up to Salta without doing the classic road trip to Jujuy and La Salina Grande. (Jujuy is pronounced who who e.)

Jordan and I reserved a tour with our hostel that was once again cancelled. Salta is a beautiful city, but not one to hang around in for four days without a road trip. Jordan and I gave up on the idea of this trip and were worried about not getting our money back for the tour. A nice girl staying at our hostel sat with us at breakfast one morning and mentioned she had rented a car and was doing the exact road trip Jordan and I were hoping to take that day. “Would we like to come along?” Pauline asked in her French accent. Would we ever!

Pauline turned out to be a crazy good driver. She drifted us along winding roads and we made the trip in no time. The photo below was a crazy steep winding road that took us from the rainbow mountains of Jujuy to the white salt flats of La Salina Grande.

We had to stop for llamas!

We also spotted a herd of guanaco. Pauline and I stalked our prey with our cameras, hoping to capture the wildlife selfie. (No animals were harmed in this process.)

At the salt flats we needed a local guide to take us onto the flats. The guide only spoke Spanish. Luckily Pauline was a rockstar at Spanish, having been listening and studying it for the last three weeks. Amazing.

Our guide squished into the car with us and off we drove into the white. The flats have a dedicated road for the cars to drive on that has turned brown. Our guide said this was the safest route to drive on because the other areas of the lake might be too thin. We think she also told us their flats are unique because they are not dried ocean beds like most salt lakes, but some mineral deposits from a volcano eruption long long ago. I still have to look this fact up.

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