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About this blog


This blog is not for travel tips or to show off my life. I make no money off this blog (although I’m open to the prospect.)

This blog is simply a recording of my life, something to do on the road, and a place to put some of the thousands of pictures I’ve taken along the way.

I’m a Californian girl in the twilight of her twenties looking for hidden corners of the world.

I’m a traveling yoga teacher and avid member of the ‘slow travel’ movement. I take my time and pause in places long enough to soak up the true beauty and the people that make them so special.

I wander off the beaten paths, discover hidden cervecerias and seek out secret spots.

Ever since I was young I have thought humans are put on Earth for such a short period of time, best get out and see it all.

Christina Helene

Not all who wander are lost. Not all who wander are lost.