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Finding Christina Helene

It’s time to eat, Bali style!

On the left: Gado Gado (cooked vegetables, tempe and boiled egg in peanut sauce) 30k IDR, $2.07 USD

On the right: Nasi goreng (nasi means rice and goreng means fried) 30k IDR, $2.07 USD

Location: Sweet Orange Warung, Ubud, Bali

Babi Guling (pork dish including crispy skin, slow roasted pork, fried croquettes and pickled relish) 45k IDR, $3.10 USD

Location: Ubud, Bali

Spring Rolls (aka Lumpia. These were the most authentic ones we found, dipped in fresh dough.)

Location: Ubud, Bali

On the left: guava shake

On the right: Nasi Campur (Nasi means rice, Campur means mix. Nasi Campur is the dish that most represents Bali. It includes sate, tempe, babi guling and a vegie. You’ll notice all Bali dishes come with a side of tomato and cucumber.)

Location: Ubud, Bali

On the left: spring rolls, served with american kathup and chilli sauce.  20k IDR, $1.38 USD

In the middle: fresh young cocount 20k IDR, $1.38 USD

On the right: Mie goreng (Mie means noodles, goreng means fried. ) 30k IDR, $2.07 USD

Location: Berawa Beach, Canggu, Bali


Market finds in Canggu, Bali to make the breakfast pictured below!

Ingredients from left to right: coffee (kopi), pineapple (nanas), coconut (kelapa), dragon fruit (buah naga), mangosteen (manggis), lychee (leci)

On the left: Fried pork knuckle from the grocery store 93k IDR, $6.42 USD (don’t eat from the grocery store!)

In the middle: Gado Gado and rice 35k IDR, $2.47 USD & a large Bintang beer 50k IDR, $3.45 USD

On the right: Lychee! 30k IDR/kilo, $1.38 USD/kilo

Location: Canggu, Bali


Above: My favorite street food – Martabak!!! (See more in Java!) These ones were more like dumplings. 10k IDR, $0.69 USD



On the left: Street food! This was fried tempe, fried tofu and extra fried spring rolls in peanut sauce. 10k IDR, $0.69 USD

Location: Beach at the end of Jl. Pantai Pererenan, Canggu, Bali




Watermelon shake and banana pancakes in Ubud, Bali. Included breakfast at my B&B that was $12 USD/night.


Udon! This is Japanese, but it was delicious to eat overlooking rice fields in Canggu. 60k IDR each, $4.14 USD each.


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