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November 2019


  Coral Beach is my favorite day hike in Airlie. It is a ten minute drive from town and a fifteen minute walk through the bush to get to get to paradise. The beach is covered in meters of coral, not


  Jordan and I chose to go to Chile after Argentina because the cheapest flight home was from Santiago. If we went out of of Brazil or Bolivia we would have to pay massive visa fees that Jordan and I were


  Valparaiso is the major seaport to Chile and Santiago. In the 19th century, Valpo was a major stop off for ships crossing the Straight of Magellen. The colorful buildings have given the city the nickname The Jewel of the Pacific.


  Mango and Cheese Empanada Grab and Go The food in Chile was similar to the food in Argentina, except everything in Argentina is supersized. Chile has lots and lots of empanadas like Argentina. People will walk around public parks and lakes selling


October 2, 2018 - Salta Omnibus TerminalI'm sitting in the bus terminal having deep thoughts of religion. I've been here five minutes while Jordan tries to print our tickets. There is a shrine to Virgin Mary outside the window I'm

One does not go up to Salta without doing the classic road trip to Jujuy and La Salina Grande. (Jujuy is pronounced who who e.) Jordan and I reserved a tour with our hostel that was once again cancelled. Salta