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Finding Christina Helene


Grab and Go

The food in Chile was similar to the food in Argentina, except everything in Argentina is supersized. Chile has lots and lots of empanadas like Argentina. People will walk around public parks and lakes selling their homemade pies saying empanaaaadaaaas….. empanaaaaadaaaaaas…. to attract their customers. in Valpo we tried humitas, which are a bigger and thiner style empanada.

In Chile the Super Pancho becomes the Completo. The completo is basically a long hot dog with lots of guacamole on top.

One new street food item we got to try was mote con huesillo – barley soaked in fermented peaches. I thought it was disgusting but Jordan loved it.

If you don’t want to but from a street vendor, you can pop into one of the many McDonalds Postres – McDonalds take away dessert only stores. In Chile these are as common as Starbucks is in America.


Drinks and Munchies

Chorrillano was unsurprisingly one of my favorite dishes if Jordan and I treated ourselves to eating out. Shredded beef over fries, topped with sunny side up eggs. Yes please.

Terremotos instantly became my go-to drink. Translated, terremoto means earthquake. The drink is called earthquake because of how unsteady on the feet you will feel after your first drink. (The second drink has been nicknamed the after shock.) Terremotos are Pipeno (a sweet fermented wine), grenadine for the color, pisco or fernet for extra taste and pineapple ice cream to top. yum.

Pisco Sour is a classic Chilean drink and their national drink. This cocktail blends pisco, egg white and lime juice to make a delicious.

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