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Our air bnb host went to the market every morning to get us breakfast. In java they eat soup for breakfast. My favorite was the chicken soup. The items on the side were different kinds of dumplings, potato cakes and a sate stick every day that were meant to be dipped into the soup.

He also gave us watermelon, juice and three dessert items that also varied based on what he got that morning at the market. It always consisted of a caramel pudding pop and a rice cake similar to Filipino putu or Thai khoa tom.

To the right is Jordan trying to push the pudding out of the banana leaf.



Jordan and I were shocked at how cheap we ate in Java. While in Bali we could each eat one thing cheaply for 30k (most places are 30k – 100k IDR, or $2.08 – $6.93 per dish), and a whole meal would cost us between 60k to 2050k IDR (or $4.16 – $17.32 USD, being more expensive if we each got a beer.)

When we ate out in Borobudur we got two mains, an appetizer and two specialty teas (or could take the free tea and order two desserts of milkshakes) for 42k IDR, or $2.91 USD. Being a mostly Muslim island, you will not find beer served in restaurants or at the convenience store.

Being that breakfast was included in our air b&b and we ate street food for dinner, lunch was really our most expensive meal of the day.

Top left: Jamur Crispy (fried mushrooms) 6k IDR or 0.42 USD
Top right: Teh (tea) gratis or free
Bottom right: Nila Bakar Madu (grilled fish) 17k IDR or $1.18 USD
Bottom left: Soto Mie Ayam (soup, noodle, chicken) 15k IDR or $1.01 USD


Left: Jamur crispy (fried mushrooms) 6k IDR or $0.42 USD
Top right: Wedang Uwuh (a magical, local specialty tea full of amazing spices) 5k IDR or $0.35 USD
Bottom Right: Nasi Goreng (fried noodles that look like ramen noodles) 17k IDR or $1.18 USD

Above left: Mie Ayam (noodles & chicken) 17k IDR or $1.18 USD

This dish has tempe on the left (basically fried peanuts), mie goreng noodles in the middle, a drumstick next to the noodles, and spicy chilies (sambal) on the right. On the top is cucumber and cabbage.
Ayam goreng is a specialty in Yoyjakarta (fried chicken!) Jordan thought he ordered ayam goreng, but it came grilled and with noodles soooo…. still yummy! The food is also much much spicier in Java than in Bali. <3

Above right: Es teller float (some kind of fruit medley in jelly with ice cream on top. Avocados were included in the fruit options, by the way) 8k IDR or $0.55 USD



Street food for dinner and time for my favorite: Martabak!

Martabak is a fried dish with random veggies and meat filling (can be without meat) and is my faaaaavorite. It would usually go for 20k IDR or $1.18 USD for a LOT of food, served with fresh chilies and pickled onions or cucumbers.

Tour through a tofu factory

I’ve never been a fan of tofu. Now I’m even less of a fan, seeing how dirty it is when it’s being made. It was cool to see that it’s still made by real people, sweating their balls off over fire in 100 degree heat. The process was a bit hard to understand, and Jordan did get a bucket of boiling water spilled onto him… but what we gathered is they soak the soy beans, then do something with hot water and a boiling furnace and then lay them out on racks to dry. We got to taste the unflavored and still wet tofu and that wasn’t too bad.

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