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Finding Christina Helene

Three weeks before Graduating from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a double major in Dance and Global Studies I was in an accident that completely changed the course of my life.

Due to the extreme trauma caused by the accident I found mental solace from my distress through attending Buddhist lectures led by a former professor. This then led me to yoga and I found a deeper connection to movement and breath than I had ever achieved through Dance. The elimination of the ever present mirror in the studio brought me deeper into my body of movement than ever before.

In 2008 I found YogaWorks. Arguably the best yoga school in America. Here I enrolled in my 200hr Teacher Training which enabled me to work in the studios, teach around Los Angeles and now teach privately abroad.

My goal is now to build up a selection of classes online to share with you all so you can enjoy finding the right movement that connects reminding us we are alive.


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