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Finding Christina Helene


The thing about traveling is you make new friends. Within the first ten minutes Nushaw and I were in Maui, our friend Michelle hooked us up with her friend, Supriya. Priya is a traveling Occupational Therapist and part time tour guide, as she took Nushaw and I on many adventures while Michelle was at work.

On this particular day, she took us on a 2 hour hike (each way) to a secret waterfall. This is a true secret spot and proof that the best way to travel is to know a local and avoid those tourist hot spots.

The trail was long since closed. Supriya led us over many closed gates and along disappearing trails. Nushaw (@queenofdrones) stopped to try out her drone in a couple spots along the way. Warning: this story does not end well for the drone…or Nushaw’s phone.

Being the amazing drone pilot she is, Nushaw saw opportunity to shoot on the bridges and private waterfalls of Maui. The problem was that we brought Maui Brew Co. beers with us on the hike…. Don’t drink and drone ladies and gentleman. Droney fell in our private waterfall and spent the next few days in a rice bath. I’m happy to say that Droney is now back in commission, and Nushaw is now a certified, licensed drone pilot.

Not only was droney lost on this hike…. but Nushaw’s phone also took a tumble. As I’ve said before, traveling with Nushaw is the best not only because she’s my best friend and I know she has my back and pushes me to live life to the fullest, but she is also my constant entertainment. I’ve yet to meet and or travel with someone who is naturally so entertaining.

See the photos below for our river crossings just to get to this private waterfall…


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