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Finding Christina Helene

Koh Samui is the biggest of the three islands off Thailand’s coast of Surat Thani. Nushaw, Amber and I took a long sketchy bus from the Krabi coast to the port town in Surat Thani where we caught a ferry to Koh Samui. (When we left Thailand, in order to catch our flight in Phuket we had to take a plane from Koh Samui’s airport. This tiny airport is rated on of the fanciest and nicest airports to wait at in the world. It is true. The airport is set up all outdoors with outdoor luxury shopping, free juice and lounge areas to charge up, drink your coffee and read the paper. Our short hour flight from Koh Samui to Phuket included a free meal!)

Below are photos from our trip to the Big Buddha. Amber, Nushaw and I went to see the Buddha with Jean Luc, a French friend we met on the ferry. You will notice temple attire includes bare feet, covered knees and covered shoulders.


We took a tuk tuk to explore a hidden beach area that isn’t highly frequented by tourists and enjoyed a lovely dinner by the ocean.


When Amber, Nushaw and I first arrived in Koh Samui, we had booked a place on Air BnB that looked pretty nice. It was a two bedroom apartment with a private pool! However, our excitement for the place faded when the cab driver dropped us off in the middle of nowhere next to an abandoned water park and basically said “good luck, you crazy kids!” before he drove away. After a short wander we found our little oasis. $30/night, or $10 each – we had ourselves a gorgeous, private get away for pennies.

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