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Finding Christina Helene

Nushaw and I went cliff jumping a couple times while we were in Maui. Both times we were brought by a local, and we never would have found these spots alone.

Cliff House is a place our friends used to go to in high school. It’s a well known locals spot, so you’ll see lots of people in these photos. Michelle ran into a friend while we were there.

Back in the day, they used to jump off the roof of the cliff house. The Cliff House sounded like an events room for a hotel that they no longer use.

I jumped in once and only once here. Nushaw droned me when I jumped.

Drone shots are from pilot @nushrose // @queenofdrones

The The next place we went to was through a fancy golf course. Imagine a pack of local Hawaiian adults walking through a fancy, quiet golf field to get to these rocks….














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