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Finding Christina Helene

Singapore – Diary entry Aug 25, 2018

Almost out of Asia. Aaaaaasia. I’m actually a bit sad. It’s cheap, really good food. For the most part, friendly people. I am tired of sticking out though. I do think I’ll fit in more in Latin America. Hopefully I won’t feel as tall, although it hasn’t been toooootally terrible.

Singapore does feel like a real international city (country.) I feel less out of place here. And so much English! It’s not quite as pristine as I’d thought it would be. There is trash on the ground (though no where near as bad as it has been everywhere else since New Zealand.) There are still street fires being lit for offerings.

We spent our time in the gardens, appropriately for Singapore – the city in a garden. We spent two days here, but honestly could have spent a few more. There is so much to see and do. The public transportation is great and makes everything accessible.

We came to Singapore to see the airport, but honestly the airport was a let down and the rest of the city exceeded our expectations. Singapore has a rich history as a British port. Such history should be given more time to explore.

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