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Finding Christina Helene

London Layover – Diary Aug 28, 2018

There was too much entertainment on the plane to write. I remember a time we all had to watch the same movie on the plane and head sets were passed out – for free. I would buy a book in the airport and read on the plane. Now if I’m on a plane without a personal screen in the back of the seat in front of me it’s like, what madness is this??

London was a bit of a shock. Jordan was right, it was weird being around so many white people. I was more shocked personally by the consumerism and mall feel of the airport. I’m disgusted with how easily I slipped back into shopping habits. I’m disgusted with the consumerism of it all to begin with. No wonder other countries think Americans/ white people have so much money. As we travel West, the prices keep going up as the street food disappears.

The one good thing about being back in the West is real french fries! We made sure to have them the British way, with HP sauce and vinegar!









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