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Finding Christina Helene

Journal entry from May 3, 2018

I’m at a beautiful camp spot by the pacific. We spent last night sitting on a dune watching dogs run into the waves. The locals here live in beautiful houses by the ocean with large windows and decks. This is one of those beaches I could learn to surf at and not be worried about being judged for my inability to stand on both my feet.

Today we took an unnamed hike. At the end of Ocean’s Beach, a path goes uphill. The view from the top is literally stunning. Imagine a grassy hillside over the ocean – wild green grass sometimes as high as your hips. Jordan and I made two little nests in the grass and read our books overlooking this surreal, untouched cove below us.


I finished More Ketchup than Salsa today. (A great book by Joe Cawley about two Brits who open a bar in Tenerife, and can bob like a ketchup bottle more than they can salsa dance.)

I filmed a yoga class there and down on the point by the little islands.

Waitomo county has a ton of free campsites for 3-4 camper vans in amazing spots. Tonight we’re off to Kowherwa Bay where we will get the last spot. 🙂

The world can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Sometimes I wonder how people can spend their whole lives on these two Islands so far from the rest of the world. Then I think about myself. I’ve been here almost a year and have more places I want to work/live. The cooling about island life is that people you know, though distant or direct relations, are never too far away.

What about countries smaller than New Zealand? Are they equivalent? Small European countries are like a state in a greater entity like the USA. The US is huge, as is Australia. In the US it would take a lifetime to see all of our land. I don’t know anyone who has really seen all of the US. Most are born, raised and die in the same place or state. When you’re from an amazing state like California such as I am, why leave? It’s a crazy world out there.

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