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I'll admit, I was a bit ignorant and nervous going into Vietnam. Were these people going to be okay with an American among them? (Has anyone seen Apocalypse Now?) I was not prepared for the smiles and friendliness of the


Let me tell you about the most uncomfortable time I had in Thailand. Jordan and I were in Bangkok for less than 24 hours on a layover. I let Jordan plan our out of the airport excursion (which you can


The White Temple (Wat Tong Khun) Chiang Rai is popular in the backpacking world for being the home of the White Temple. The White Temple (or Wat Rong Khun) was created by the artist Chalermchai Kositpipat and opened to the public


  Valparaiso is the major seaport to Chile and Santiago. In the 19th century, Valpo was a major stop off for ships crossing the Straight of Magellen. The colorful buildings have given the city the nickname The Jewel of the Pacific.


October 2, 2018 - Salta Omnibus TerminalI'm sitting in the bus terminal having deep thoughts of religion. I've been here five minutes while Jordan tries to print our tickets. There is a shrine to Virgin Mary outside the window I'm