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Finding Christina Helene

A meal – A feed
Bell pepper – Capsicum
Candy – Lollies
Cilantro – Coriander
Chips – Crisps
Counter top – Bench
Eggplant – Aubergine
Fries – Chips
Lemonade – Lemon squash
Napkin – Serviette
Pit – Pip
Silverware – Cutlery
Sprite – Lemonade
Zucchini – Courgette

Bathing suit – Togs
Braids – Plait
Flip flops – Jandals
Plaid – Checkers
Sunglasses – Sunnies
Sweat shirt – Jumper
Tank top – Singlet

Night Life
Walk of shame – Dirty stomp out
USA bro – Fuck boy
Pitcher – Jug
Pint – Pint or Handle

Getting Around
Bicycle – Push bike
Gas – Petrol
E-Brake (emergency brake) – Hand brake
To rent – Hire
Jumper cables – Jumper leads
Parking lot – Car Park
Sidewalk – Footpath
Tire – Tyre
Truck – Ute
Trunk – Boot

Everyday life
Awesome – Sweet as
College – University
Cooler – Chilly bin
High school – College
Jacuzzi – Spa
Period – Full stop
Pharmacy – Chemist
Porta potty – Porta loo
Second hand store – Op shop (opportunity shop)
Shopping cart – Trundler
Sleep in – Have a lay in
Stroller – Pram
Trash can – Bin
Vacation – Holiday
You’re welcome – That’s alright
“zee” – pronounced zed

The Great Outdoors
Chicken – Chooks
Flashlight – Torch
Hike – Tramp/ Walk
Lifestyle block – Batch
Redneck – Bogan
Wild land – Bush

Maori Language – Te Reo
Abalone – Paua
Dance – Haka
Eel, fish – Tuna
Family – Whanau
Farewell – Harea Ra
Food – Kai
Hello/(you’re) welcome – Kia ora
Heritage/ ancestry – Whakapapa
Jade/ Greenstone – Pounamu
Meeting house – Marae
Morning – Morena
Tattoo – Ta moko
Traditional BBQ – Hangi
School – Kura
See you soon – Ka kite ano
Welcome – Harea mai
**Helpful hints: doubles is plural, “wh” makes the “f” sound

New Zealand Wildlife
Fantail – cute little birds who fly at your feet looking for bugs you might kick up as you walk. Maori tradition says these birds are the spirit of your ancestors.
Kea – cheeky little birds who go after anything shiny and are not shy!
Kiwi – nocturnal national bird. I think they look like little backpackers wearing elephant cut pants.
Moa – now extinct dinosaur bird of New Zealand.
Pipi – little clams you can eat.
Pukeko – pretty, loud bird.
Sand fly – annoying mosquito like bugs that will destroy you in the Spring.
Tuatara – lizard with it’s own beer.
Tui – pretty song bird that now has a beer named after it.
Weka – soooooooo cute! You will think it is the kiwi, but it’s not!
Whitebait – massively popular tiny fish that can be eaten whole (most popular in pattys.) Can only be caught in October and sells for $100nzd/ kilo.
White Heron – beautiful bird that gets “blue eye-shadow” around it’s eyes during mating season.
Wood Pigeon – huge forest birds that were eaten by the Maori. They are starting to die off because berries they eat are getting harder and harder to find.

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