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Finding Christina Helene

Brunch this morning on Richmont St. – Claire was parking the car and a girl passed by us on a scooter. She glanced at us briefly as she looked for parking too. As Claire pulled the car around, out my window I saw the girl bend to pet a furry cat, who was staring up at her meowing in greeting. The girl had left her scooter and was walking down the street with her helmet on.

The girls and I got out of Madam Black and a car with two oldies stopped in the middle of the road to ask Tiger for directions. I like this city – it’s hip, indie, clean. (as I imagine Minneapolis would be.) The houses are close together but like little fashionable Victorian houses with lattice on the awnings and stained glass windows to allow for privacy while bright and colorful light still shines through. The houses can’t be very old, but in Kiwi fashion have aged beyond their days with the elements beating down on them.

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