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Finding Christina Helene

Campuhan Ridge Walk

This is a relatively easy walk to find in Ubud, Bali. Being easy, it was definitely very crowded. Still extremely beautiful.

Kajeng Rice Fields Walk

This was by far my favorite rice field walk in Ubud. I didn’t spring for the day trip out to Tegallalang, so I only went to fields that could be accessed by foot. Kajeng is not super easy to find, and magically pretty empty of other tourists.

There was a wonderful warung along the way called Sweet Orange Warung. They had coconuts hanging up everywhere with faces drawn on them with the mouths being squirrel holes. This is where I had the most amazing gado gado I had in Bali.

We also met a famous artist along the way who invited us into his studio space to take a look at his work. “Not to buy, to look!” He has sold many intricate paintings and is recognized by and met many famous people, including the Indonesian president and Obama!


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